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Harold Gregor gained national prominence in the early 1970's within the Photo-realism movement, turning to farm structures and the sweeping horizon of the rural Midwest for inspiration. Along with the realist landscape depictions, this Bloomington, Illinois, artist is also known for his unusual Flatscape paintings which combine an aerial perspective with unique color choices to suggest an essential Midwestern landscape.

In 1995, upon retirement, Gregor began exploring a third aspect called "trail" paintings -- colorful abstract paintings derived from scenes of a local walking trail. He continues to paint and show all four modes: realist panoramas, colorful aerial Flatscapes, energetic abstract "trail" paintings, and his latest effort Vibrascapes.

Gregor, a native of Detroit, Michigan, received his BS from Wayne State University, his MS from Michigan State University, and his doctorate from Ohio State University.

Among many distinctions, he is the recipient of a 1993-1994 National Endowment of the Arts grant and a NEA Midwest Fellowship. In 1993 he was awarded the Illinois Academy of Fine Arts Lifetime Achievement Award. Gregor's work is represented in important public and private collections throughout the United States and Europe. Gregor is a Distinguished Professor, Emeritus at Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois.

He is represented by Richard Gray Gallery in Chicago, Illinois; Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Texas; ACA Galleries in Chelsea, New York City, and Tory Folliard Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Illinois State University: Normal, IL; Distinguished Professor of Art. 1970-1995. Emeritus. 1995-present.

Chapman College: Orange, CA; Head of Department. Associate Professor of Art. 1966-1970.

Purdue University: West Lafayette, Indiana; Assistant Professor of Art. 1963-1966.

San Diego State University: San Diego, CA; Assistant Professor of Art. 1960-1963.


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2011-present Paintings in Senator Richard Durbin's Senatorial office
2009-10 Painting in the Oval Office, Private Dining Room of the White House, by President Obama's request
2006 Lifetime Achievement Award, Watercolor Honor Society
1993-94 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship
1993 Recipient: Illinois Academy of Fine Arts. Lifetime Achievement Award
1990 Board Member. Watercolor Honor Society
1989 Burlington-Northern Award for Outstanding College Teaching
1988 Distinguished Professor. Illinois State University. Normal, Illinois
Illinois State University Researcher Grant
Outstanding University Researcher Award. ISU. Normal, Illinois
1986 National Endowment for the Arts. Arts Midwest Regional Visual Arts Fellowship
Creative Researcher Recognition Award. ISU
1985 Watercolor Honor Society. Charter Member
Distinguished Teacher Award. College of Fine Arts. ISU. Normal, Illinois
1973 National Endowment for the Arts Short-Term Activities Fellowship Grant

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Here At Odd Times
Here At Odd Times 2013
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 45" x 60"

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Illinois Flatscape

Illinois Flatscape #160 2010
60" x 66" Acrylic on Canvas


Ph.D., Ohio State University. 1960.
M.S., Michigan State University, 1953.
B.S.,Wayne State University, 1951.

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2003 Rocky Mountain National Watercolor Show, Golden, CO
2001 El Dorado, Kansas, Annual Art Competition
1998 National Watercolor Society. Los Angeles, California
1994 Fourth Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Red Clay Survey. Huntsville, Alabama
1992 "Watercolor: USA 1992." Springfield, Missouri
1991 Eleventh Annual National Small Painting Exhibition. Wichita Center for the Arts. Wichita, Kansas
1990 North Shore Art League Exhibition of Illinois Artists. Evanston, Illinois
1988 Milwaukee Annual Art Festival. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1988 San Diego Art Institute Annual Exhibition. San Diego, California
1984 Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival. Winter Park, Florida


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2013 Ringling School of Art, Sarasota, PL
2007 Springmaid Watermedia Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC
2004 Loveland Art Museum. Loveland, Colorado.
1999 Ohio Watercolor Society. Akron, Ohio
Utah State University. Logan, Utah
Oklahoma Arts Institute. Quartz Mountain, Oklahoma
1998 Watercolor Honor Society Conference. co-chair
1997 Art Museum of South Texas. Corpus Christi, Texas
1995 Tweed Museum. Duluth, Minnesota
Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences. Peoria, Illinois
1994 Midwestern State University. Wichita Falls, Texas
1992 Vermont Studio Center. Johnson, Vermont
1989 Art Institute of Southern California. Laguna Beach, California


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